Friday October 30, 2020
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An amateur photographer’s journey into the world of portraiture.

A triangle of faces, places and stories

We cannot be time traveler but can take photos. A photo can touch a person’s imagination. And a good photographer will capture a moment then make it exist, within the frame, as long as possible. Following a trend, ATA Mohammad Adnan, a Bangladeshi photographer, maintained a visual diary. He developed it in last 6 years, while roaming around world.

Artistic Reminiscence of Bangabandhu

Creativity mingled with reality. Its essence kept Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s spirit alive amongst the artisans, even after 41 years since his loss. 

Finding Aurora

Do you ever catch yourself reminiscing about days gone by? You know – back to the days when you too, truly believed in the beauty of nature and the magic of Aurora? While visions of sugarplums may have danced through the heads of some, perhaps you were one of the small tots who envisioned meeting Santa Clause face-to-face and filling your dreams one day.

World Architecture Festival shortlist

A house with a panoramic view of the ocean in Australia and a happiness centre in Bhutan are among the projects shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival awards.


A Festival of Penance

ATA Mohammad Adnan captures Charak Puja (also known as Nil Puja) is a Hindu folk festival, held in southern Bangladesh and West Bengal.


Of silent prayers and solemn remembrance, Mohammad Ponir Hossain documents a ritual almost unknown. 

The Rituals of Ashura

Saud Faisal captures an annual observation of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain

Little stars on Earth

One of my favorite photographers once told me I should never look far to photograph- photographs are everywhere and I should look to tell stories of my family and neighbors. I am fortunate enough to live in such a neighborhood where skyscrapers and little slums co-exist. Over the past four years, I have photographed my neighbors and their way of living, and that has taught me a few things about life.

Origami: Transforming Paper Into Art

Children all over the world learn to fold paper planes and boats in their elementary school.  This craft of paper folding dates back to 100 AD, when it started in China and spread to Japan by 600 AD.  It is from there where it evolved into what we today know as origami.

The word originated from the Japanese words "ori" and "kami", meaning folding and paper respectively.

Unlike common perceptions, origami is not only a hobby for children, but it is practised by people of all ages.  It has many useful benefits, and it is also a great source of entertainment and enjoyment for the folders.  The pleasure of transforming a plain piece of paper in to a three dimensional beautiful art form can be very satisfying and joyous.

The interest in origami continues to increase even today, intriguing people all around the world.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab a piece of paper and start folding!