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After Smartphone, it's time for SmartStation

After Smartphone, it's time for SmartStation
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You own the latest iPhone but you still feel nostalgic about the traditional fixed-line desk phone that you had at your place a few years ago? There’s good news for you. 

AltiGen Communications, an American company that provides premise and cloud-based IP-PBX and Contact Center solutions has introduced a new product called iFusion which is a SmartStation for iPhones. This product will turn your iPhone into a desk phone allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Instead of leaving our phones lying around on our workstations or bedside tables when we’re not using it, let’s look at how using the SmartStation makes life more interesting. This docking station comes with a multitude of benefits the least of which is the fact that it feels like our good old ‘landlines’, except that it has all the perks of an iphone. 

When used at home, iFusion acts as a stand-alone docking station that provides power and battery charging. It has USB port which enables data synchronization with a Mac or a PC. The dock has rich audio quality powered by Integrated Bluetooth technology and a comfortably designed telephone handset.

For office use, iFusion provides an added advantage on top of the above-mentioned benefits. Being compatible with iPhone PBX apps, such as Cisco Mobile 8.1, Avaya one-X Mobile, and MaxMobile for Microsoft Lync, the iFusion SmartStation allow users to hold and transfer calls and start a conference. 


September 19, 2015
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