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The egg shows the way

Izmet Nashra Khan
The egg shows the way
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The concept of EggMap is a rendition of the design and purpose of the conventional stress ball. The EggMap is meant to serve simultaneously as a stress ball as well as an urban navigation tool. Designed by Hungarian designer Dénes Sátor, the concept implies the form of a tiny air-filled, stretchable ball made of rubber that has maps printed on its surface.

This new and improved version of a stress ball allows the user to ‘zoom’ in on specific areas of the map simply by squeezing parts of it, much like squeezing parts of a semi-inflated rubber balloon. The surface of this stretchable ball map is printed with information or maps of areas. Each area of the map is meant to be a different colour, according to the original design prototype.


Source: Internet

The ball is made of a highly stretchable rubber material, which makes it squeezable to get a closer look at any part of the map. EggMap’s small size makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. It is waterproof and can fit the palm of our hands, pocket or bag comfortably. It can be dropped, stepped on, squeezed or thrown away.

Critiques imply that the EggMap may not ultimately be able to accommodate complex urban maps, but could perhaps be used as a perfectly functional navigation tool for simpler maps of smaller neighbourhoods, schools, theme parks or amusement parks, and would most certainly make for a wonderful souvenir!

Eggmap squeezed


Regardless of its limitations, the EggMap is surely an exciting new concept of an interactive way to dispense information- an innovation that many are eagerly looking forward to. 

September 17, 2015
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The writer is a lawyer and IP practitioner at Old Bailey Chambers.

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