Thursday November 26, 2020
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Slow-Melting Ice Cream

Nahid Hossain
Slow-Melting Ice Cream
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Eating an ice cream is no longer going to be a race against time! Can you believe it? Science is now giving us the opportunity to savor the sweet goodness without being bothered about the sticky mess of melting ice cream on our fingers. With the discovery of a new protein called BsIA by Professor Cait MacPhee, from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, a joint team from the University of Edinburgh and University of Dundee has discovered a naturally - occurring protein that will allow the ice cream to resist warm temperatures – melting at slower pace than ice cream usually does. 

In addition to the melting resistance benefit, the BsIA protein can also help prevent the formation of ice crystals, giving ice cream a smoother and finer texture.

The research team has also created a process for developing the protein in friendly bacteria, which can be used to scale up the production in a large volume. The team expects the slow-melting ice-cream to be in the market within 2020.

Now, isn’t it something that we shall all look forward to? 

September 14, 2015
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The writer is a legal associate and IP practitioner at Old Bailey Chambers.


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