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Power Controller—For an Easier Life!

Promiti Prova Chowdhury
Power Controller—For an Easier Life!
Mohammed Shahabuddin with his proud invention

In a world as fast as today, life goes like a whirlwind and we constantly try to lead a better and easier life. While doing so, sometimes the petty basic tasks go unattended like turning off electric appliances after using them.

Sometimes, some careless incidences subtract a large portion of our inner peace and the energy stored inside us. For example, when we forget to lock our car it gets stolen or we leave our home unattended and our valuables get burgled. 

Our city dwellers put up with all these disorders on a regular basis while our rural farmers, the beholders of our agro based economy are constantly seeking ways to improve their lifestyle too. 

A simple man from the Mohammadpur village of Meherpur district Mohammed Shahabuddin, comes in salvage with his invention here, the ‘Power Controller’.

It is an electronic device that can control various machines and appliances i.e. cars, air conditioning systems, elevators, water pumps, etc. 
‘Power Controller’- the solution to relieve both city dwellers and rural inhabitants. The device is assembled with small particles of a cell phone and a SIM card which is usually controlled by a simple cell phone by simply dialing the number of the SIM. 
“You can control all the electric appliances of your house from anywhere outside by simply having it installed as a circuit breaker in your house”, stated Shahabuddin. 

This is more useful for office or corporate use where there are so many lights, fans, generators are in operation and usually are switched on and off manually every day. By installing Shahabuddin’s innovative creation we can control our devices and machines simply by using our cell phones.

During electricity cut-offs the device will send a signal to our cell phone and we will be able to switch on the generator instantly without making any move. Most importantly, the device can be used to track and control motor vehicles and similar objects and thus the device can reduce the number of vehicles being hijacked. In addition, using the device, vehicle engines and air conditioners can also be switched on or off from a remote position. 

However, it can play the most significant role in agriculture. If this device is used, farmers do not have to walk all the way to their fields at the break of dawn to start the water pupmp pump. With the help of Power Controller, they can do it straight from their homes. 

Shahabuddin at work

Shahabuddin at work

The technique remains the same, through cell phones! In fact, this is where Shahabuddin tested the effectiveness of his invention for the first time. 
“When I was a kid I used to insert the motors of cassettes inside my toy car and run it like a modern remote-controlled car. My knack for exploring the mechanism of machines led me to this innovation”. 

Technology savvy Shahabuddin invented the device back in 2008 when he first applied it on water pumps and the result came out to be magnificent. This drew him to apply the same technique to control motor vehicles too. From there on, he continued his research for the development and betterment of the device. Initially the size of the device was pretty big but now the overall dimension has been reduced to the same size of a cell phone. 

One may observe that other devices and mechanisms parallel to Shahabuddin’s brain child are available in the local market and ponder on its efficacy. 

What differentiate his Power Controller from others are the core aspects of manufacturing and marketing implied. The manufacturing sum of this device stands at Tk 3,000 only, which is less than $50 that too produced locally! Wide commercialization of the device will pleasantly contribute more to such an innovation by bringing down the cost the further and within the reach of the mass population too. This will also incorporate the vital ‘after sales service’ to optimize the prospect of such an invention.

Like every other concerned inventor, Shahabuddin now awaits the patent protection for his creation. He wishes to carry out further intensive research for his invention. Currently he is in search of a firm and a positive local business entity who he believes would show interest and come forward to market his invention commercially within Bangladesh. 



The story was first published in INTELLECT Issue no.2, dated July 2012. 

September 09, 2015
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The writer is a freelance contributor and currently works at Dhaka Tribune.

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