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Iffath Sana

For decades the fashion industry has drilled this notion into its followers of fast fashion, of not repeating clothes, of always being ‘in trend’. These mindsets generally lead to a complete wardrobe makeover every few years, with hordes of clothes being thrown away. These discarded clothes later end up in landfills, contributing in their own small ways to the massive environmental degradation that the world is now faced with. 

However, a large chunk of these clothes are children’s clothes – a segment that is in no way targeted by fast fashion. A group that in actuality, has no other choice – they grow out of clothes too fast. So 'Jake + Maya Kids' created a clothing line called 'Metamorphosis' that can grow with your kids – and the world is calling it slow fashion.

Jake+Maya Kids started off as Jakeandmaya’s collections back in 2008 and have been endeavoring to find ways to ethically source and use kids wear since then. In 2013 they got listed at the Source Best Ethical Kids Fashion Brand awards, the same year in which they stopped trading. And that’s where their journey towards this line began. 

This unique fashion line for kids extends the lifetime and utility of kids’ wear from 1 year to 3 years on average. And they achieve all of this with help of adjustable elastic waistbands, extendable hems and cuffs and reversible and multifunctional key items.


Additionally, they also sell extension packs and mending kits for all their clothes that can be ordered from the stores online. These packs come with DIY tutorials as to how to sew on the extensions, mend patches and such. 

The idea is not only to tackle the immediate problem of cloth wastage, but to build a future with aware, ethical and mature kids. Adopting these techniques will teach kids to not take things for granted, to encourage a ‘make do and mend’ mindset instead of entitlement – these values will in turn teach kids about the importance of sustainability. 

Besides developing a wonderful initiative through this fashion line, Jake+Maya Kids have also paid attention to two little but very thoughtful details that most of us tend to overlook –all of their clothes are age-and-gender-neutral. “Each child's size is different, so shopping by age doesn't make sense to us and each child's taste is also different, so gender stereotypical designs also don't make sense to us. That’s why we have made our prints gender neutral and abandoned age-sizing for a simple S, M, and L in each garment.” 

In an age when tackling environmental and social concerns have become a crying need in the face of ever increasing and ever changing issues, it’s the little things that’ll add up. To support Jake+Maya kids head on to their Kickstarter page.

May 22, 2017
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