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Pokémon Go Takes Bangladeshi Gaming Community by Storm

Tanjim Ahmed Khan
Pokémon Go Takes Bangladeshi Gaming Community by Storm

For people born in the 90’s the name Pokémon triggers many pleasant memories. The childhood fantasy of becoming a Pokémon master shared by many is now only a smartphone away! The augmented reality game Pokémon Go was released on December 14, 2016 in Bangladesh and has taken the gaming community by storm.

With the help of the user’s smartphone camera, GPS and positioning sensors, the game “places” Pokémons in the nearby surroundings of the user. It creates the illusion of catching Pokémons in real life. With Pokémon Go being a free game, it has become extremely accessible for all to try the wonders of augmented reality.

The vital feature of the game requires users to maintain physical activity. From acquiring Pokéballs from Pokéstops that is essential to play the game and catching the fictional critters, the user has to be constantly on the move. The Pokéstops, the only access points to Pokéballs, are located at famous establishments, sculptures and mosques. Thus the common complain of games turning players into couch-potatoes do not apply in this case.

Due to the innovativeness of the game, it has become the top grossing application of 2016. First released in US, with over 500 million downloads resulting into the 600 million dollars profit, it has become the most successful game of 2016.

Despite the game being designed for people of all ages, adults who are well acquainted with the franchise are mostly enjoying thrills of catching Pokémon.

Within such a short time, the response that Pokémon Go has received will surely inspire other application makers to be just as creative in future. Whether the frenzy will continue or die down remains to be seen. But as of now, the Bangladeshi gaming community is on board with Pokémon Go.

January 04, 2017
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