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Digital Start-up Summit: Speakers urge Telecom Operators not to violate Competition Rules in e-commerce.

Shifat Amreen
Digital Start-up Summit: Speakers urge Telecom Operators not to violate Competition Rules in e-commerce.

The biggest startup event in Bangladesh, Digital Start-up Conference, took place yesterday and welcomed a massive turn-out. The event organized by Bangladesh Alliance for Fair Competition (BAFCOM) in association with the Dhaka University IT Society (DUITS), was held in Nabab Nawab Ali Choudhury Senate Bhaban Auditorium.

The event aimed to inspire emerging IT Start-ups and make e-commerce policies more comprehensive for ones preparing to tread into the field. With captivating messages delivered by the 30 invited speakers, the auditorium was overflowing with enthusiastic participants surpassing the auditorium’s accommodation capacity of five hundred.

The conference was conducted in two sessions. The first half featured 20 startup stories from successful entrepreneurs in the Digital service industry. They drew on their own experiences as they made the emerging entrepreneurs aware of the challenges one might potentially face when initiating a startup and motivated them on how to emerge victorious in their ventures.

The second half concentrated on the existing policies related to E-commerce and the necessary alterations needed to create a favorable working environment for the home grown IT Startups trying to penetrate the extremely competitive digital service industry. This informative session dealt with boundaries and definitions of e-commerce and how more definite policies are required to ensure fair competition between the home grown companies and the international corporations operating in Bangladesh. The session was concluded with speakers inviting questions from the participants further underlining the importance of well-planned and properly regulated policies.

 Mustafa Jabbar, Founder of Bijoy Bangla Keyboard and Software, Kamal Quadir, CEO of Bkash, Fahim Mashroor, CEO of, Shameem Ahsan, Former President, BASIS, Mustafizur Rahman Sohel, Director BASIS; Barrister Hamidul Mishbah, Founder of Bangladesh Copyright and IP Forum, Munir Hasan ICT and Youth Icon, Mahmudul Hasan Shohag, Founder of, Wasim Alam, CEO of, Russell T Ahmed, Senior Vice-President of BASIS, Sabbir Rahman Tanim, Founder of 3rd Bell, Samira Zuberi Himika Founder Team Engine, Tausif Ahmad, CEO of among others advocated to the cause of formulating more cooperative policies so that the home-grown startups get on an equal playing field and “Digital Bangladesh” gets the best possible Digital Service Industry she deserves.

December 12, 2016
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