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3 Bands will tour

3 Bands will tour

Bangladesh Tour is a nationwide series concert arranged by Incursion Music supported by Mood Mobile. The tour will be headlining by Plasmic Knock, Savagery and Aushruto who have released their album through this record level.

Bangladesh Tour is a brand new concept initiated by Incursion Music for the very first time in this county. The First Show going to hit the ground on 11th November 2016 at Sylhet Shilpokola Academy. Along with the Headliners there will also some bands who will participate through a registration process from Sylhet.  The tour will be continuing to Rajshahi, Khulna, Chittagong and finally Dhaka from December 2016 to March 2017 in the same manner. The tour is basically arranged to help the upcoming bands to introduce themselves towards the music lovers from the very regional level. 

Incursion Music has been patronizing the Bangladeshi Rock/Metal music from the very beginning. A large number of talented bands have been flashed throughout this body since 2006. Bangladesh Tour is a platform where all the different genres bands could apply zone wise.  The best performer band from each zone will get the opportunity to perform in Dhaka’s Concert which will be arranged in big phenomenon.

November 07, 2016
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