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Halloween week at Jamuna Future Park

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Halloween week at Jamuna Future Park

Goths and Emo walked together. Guy Fawkes and the Joker gave each other fist bumps. Everyone took selfies mummies and the zombies. This was happening in Dhaka, on Monday, October 31. It was the start of the largest Halloween themed event in the country. Jamuna Future Park (JFP) and Dhaka Comicon jointly organised the four days long program, Haunted Halloween Week.

It’s been three years since this annual program debuted. And according to Dr. Mohammed Alamgir Alam, one of the directors of Jamuna Group, there are plans to continue. The founder of Dhaka Comicon, Saadi Rahman, also voice similar opinions. 

One huge corner of the food court on the fifth floor of JFP was converted into a large single hall room for the occasion. The gates were open at 11 am, but it seemed that the vampires and the werewolves don’t come out during the sun. On the other, hand half a dozen shopkeepers were setting their stalls up, eagerly waiting to see some buyers before the doors closed. As the dusk came knocking around the corner, there were at least a hundred guests inside. By now the security guards and the ticket master were sweating over the the long line outside the gate. And that is when the opening band, H2H, started tuning their instruments. 

Youngsters made the majority of the crowd. They were lost in the moment. They were liberated with their costumes; at least that’s what their expressions said. This was the closest they ever got to being in a fantasy world in a distant land, where they can forget about their studies and live like the characters they always wanted to be. And even though they weren’t the fictitious characters they dressed as, they felt unchained. And that was the point. The occasion was filled with that spirit. 

After H2H’s half hour show, there was a cosplay competition. Around 30 people participated; all the contestants did a ramp walk on the stage. The audience roared, cheered and whistled at the costumes. After the cosplay was over, a metal band, EF, got on stage to play some head banging music. They performed five songs. One of them was unreleased song titled, Projonmer Chahida. Ankur Rahman who did the vocals, caught the audience’s attention with his eccentric theatrics, he always seemed wears a mask while performing. 

With the energy pumped up by the first performances, the next band called Savagery, with all their face painted members gave a solid performance to make the crowd go wild. Things got even wilder when the hip hop group Uptown Lokolz, started performing. Members of the audience even got on stage to rap and dance along. The time was already 8:15pm and it was beyond the closing time, but given the crowd’s energy, the event lasted almost over an hour longer than it was supposed to. 

“It was a great event, and there were 1500 people who came here on our opening day. We are overwhelmed by the reception.” said one of the organisers. 

Halloween Week concludes on Friday, so if you haven't been there yet, there's still time to join in on the fun. Grab your day pass for Tk 200. 
The partners for the event are Incursion Music, Radio Dhol, Concito PR, Blockbuster Cinemas and Jamuna Future Park.

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