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How do you define failure?

How do you define failure?

When we live in a society that often lacks depth, we tend to not see the bigger picture in a story. We hear about the glorious tales of success, but never fully grasping how someone reached their destination. Their struggle, their grit is hardly ever focused, especially the number of failures they had to encounter to bounce back and fight again. Failure is a very scary word! That’s how we have defined it in our culture. We discourage failures so much, that we restrict ourselves from ever reaching our full potential in life! Yes, the unknown is unpredictable, but great things happen when you put yourself outside your comfort zone. Why are we unable to give failure its right meaning?

Have you ever thought that failure has always been the best guide in your life directing you in your right path? There are no such things as failures. These are the defining moments in your life which help you reset your course and direct you towards your destiny.

Hubdhaka, a leading startup incubator has taken the initiative to celebrate failure in Dhaka. Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 where successful business entrepreneurs celebrate their failures and inspire people how their setbacks has helped them reach where they are today! Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures and inspire others.

The road of success is full of failures, and this global event encourages people to not give up. FuckUp Nights Dhaka brings together the growing community of entrepreneurs where the founders of various startups such as Tech Academy, Unifox Digital Media, Easy Shopping BD and many others came as speakers and shared their failure stories proudly.

Hubdhaka has successfully organized three events of FuckUp Nights Dhaka already and the concept of celebrating failures has received overwhelming response!

The event is back again on 12th November this month! And this time the speaker is none other than Mr. Hasin Hayder. He is one of the renowned personalities in the tech world of Bangladesh who has done it all.

Author, programmer, entrepreneur, photographer, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. This man is a true icon for the Bangladeshi youth. His impressive contribution in the ICT sector has made a huge impact, encouraging many aspiring programmers to follow their passion.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to hear from the maestro himself, ask him questions and learn from his failures!

Event: Fuckup Nights Dhaka
Date: 12 November, 2016
Speakers: Hasin Hayder, CTO of GG Bashundhara Group
Venue: Hubdhaka
For more details, visit:

November 05, 2016
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