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The TaxiWala

Fariha Marjia
The TaxiWala

One town, a million troubles, the one and only Dhaka City. The Big Olive itself, it will pull you in like a moth to a flame and watch you drown in the glamorous turmoil. Dhaka may be well-known for many of its dynamic attributes, the carefree lifestyle and the thrill of living the city life but behind all the parties, the trends and the glamour, lays the one thing that drags down even the rich. This unsung villain is the TRAFFIC of this chaotic city.

Dhaka was dubbed the worst cities to live in, and one of the major contributors for such dishonor is the city’s traffic. But where there is trouble, a hero always comes along to save the day. In this case two. Osama Maqsood and Faraj Rahman are two school students.

Dhaka commuters, more often than not, found themselves hanging off the door handles on buses too crowded and unsafe, wobbling from side to side, or haggling with CNG Drivers, who are to our dismay, very selective about the destination with sky-high fares despite having meters. Neither can rickshaws move flexibly from one area to another due to road restrictions.

Now TaxiWala will be our savior from having to haggle with rickshaw or CNG drivers. It is the dawn of a new era as this has become the new solution for the transport crisis for the citizens of Dhaka. TaxiWala is the prompt answer to every man’s prayer for clean, speedy and safe transport in Dhaka city.

TaxiWala is a smartphone app that allows you to order taxis, a little similar to Uber. The passenger can choose the number of passengers to ride with, and get an estimate of the fare. TaxiWala provides the taxi firms with an admin panel, which monitors and sends the nearest taxi to the pick-up location. A fixed amount is charged per booking made through the app or the website. TaxiWala was created in hope to work with firms who provide safe and clean taxis and also to provide tourists, women and children safe transport, as they usually have to rent cars to get around Dhaka which is quite expensive.

TaxiWala is now fully functioning and is Bangladesh’s first taxi booking smartphone application for Android and iOS devices. They have received a total of 10,000 USD in funding from private investors.
Their services are extremely safe and affordable. This new initiative by the two young men is applaud-able and wise beyond their years.

For downloading the app, links:

October 24, 2016
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