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Muzo: Your own personal bubble of silence

Fariha Marjia
Muzo: Your own personal bubble of silence

Living in the urban jungle? You’re already familiar with the incessant parade of noises that are crammed into your ears every day. Noise cancelling ear phones are now a thing of the past once you take a look at this new tech that claims to change your world of commotion to a world of peace and serenity. Muzo, an anti-vibration acoustic device will help create your own personal bubble of tranquility and privacy. It has three modes: 

1. Serenity mode which creates a silent zone
2. Sleep mode where you can cancel out noises and replace them with soothing sounds, which will help you fall asleep faster
3. Secret mode where you can cancel out your conversation with a friend at a public place

The best thing about the device is that it works on any flat surface such as windows or tables and it can be controlled by you through a simple application on your phone. Wondering how it works? Well, Muzo uses an exciter instead of a speaker which enables it to create vibrations that cancel out sounds within a particular space.

Muzo started its journey through kickstarter and has successfully achieved their pledge to start production. If you’re thinking of ordering one then you’re in luck, because they deliver all around the world for early adopters. 


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