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An Alternative for Desktops

An Alternative for Desktops

Bangladesh is a country with a huge youth population. And due to relatively low literacy, a proper investment in education is important for further development. A few months, TV report stirred outrage among concerned citizens showed how students with the best grades failed to answer some basic questions. Ever since that many people lost faith in the country’s education system, and its future.

In the meantime, some people had been working on how to solve the problem. And Sysnova Information System, a Bangladeshi tech company, thought of making computers available to the masses in our country, hence the introduced Sysnova ICT Computer, a low cost computer that is tailored for students who are following the HSC and SSC curriculum.   

The tech company aims to market this product as an affordable alternative of desktop or laptop. The Sysnova ICT Computer data uses a memory card for storage instead of a hard drive. And it’s portable too, as it comes with cables which help users to attach with any older CRT TV as well as any new LCD/LED TV.

The device can be connected to the Internet for web-browsing with most GPRS modems and broadband cables. It has Bluetooth hardware which means it can share internet with Android smartphones.

The Sysnova ICT Computer also lowers cost by running on the free and open-source Linux operating system (instead of the pirated and illegal copies of MS Windows which are common). 

Linux includes a web browser and the free LibreOffice word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications. GIMP the image editing software, Klavaro a free and open-source typing tutor for learning the English keyboard, as well Avro Bangla, phonetic typing software is also included. Together, all the aforementioned software can assist students to go through their academic curriculums.  

On top of that the Sysnova ICT Computer also comes with a free user guide which teaches students how to use it. 

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