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Success for granted!

World’s all millionaires to billionaires all have same common two sides of their stories back in time when they were just a startups or still in their few businesses. Those are up and down. But before they raising up there are another kind of up stories and Hub Dhaka called them "Fuckup" stories. This time Hub Dhaka came up with their very successful follow up event "Fuckup" Nights Volume III with as usual three failure landings in startup from different genres.

Though failure is the pillar of success but to avoid failure Proloy Hasan, marketing strategy analyst from Omicon IT ltd, Aminul Islam, CEO of Shahin’s Helpline and A Naser Ahmed, Co-founder of Esperanza stand up on Fuckup Night’s stage on 3rd September with their own failure stories in front of young audience who wanted to be entrepreneurs.

Proloy Hasan, the starting speaker shared his idea about a social networking platform and how it became unsuccessful in lacks of decision making and proper planning. He dreamt to open a social network site named World Wide Chef or WWC on equal partnership with his ex-boss who is also an Aussie millionaire and food chain restaurant owner. Though After one year he realized that was the worst decision he ever made because they did not even plan about the operation strategy to reach on breakeven point. He also confessed that he better worked for his ex-boss for year in this project that would be better for him to learn the business. 

Second speaker Aminul Islam who has no background history of business in his family. Even he never wanted to be a businessman suddenly started a business 10 years ago with his eight more friends none of them has any idea about business. One staring night they just decided to open a boutique shop and jumped on market next day with an investment of around one lac sixty thousand BDT. After opening a shop, they apprehended bitter truth nobody of them did not even know from where to collect clothes. Day after day they learnt to run business but not up to mark. As a result, they had to shut it down forever after few months. From that fuckup Aminul Islam suggests to every starter to ask thyself those 5WH questions before starting a new business.

Lastly A Naser Ahmed took the stage and share his boiling story of his second startups. He is an efficacious IT entrepreneur with no idea of restaurant professional rapidly come this profession with three more founders to generate more earning source and blew up at the end. He found out faults in location choosing, cuisine selecting, decision making and specially not guide lining properly for the restaurant Esperanza which was a big investment venture. 

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