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Life in a box

Life in a box

Would you rather lock yourself inside an earthquake proof box and sleep out the rest of the threat, or take a chance and run for your life? Does the sound of being trapped in a box during an earthquake make you feel safer or even more horrified?

An animated video shows how the Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi designed this little safe box, although much information has not been released for the public yet. Some of the technical specifications, design, features of the box itself are pretty obvious from the released video. However whether or not the box will actually come into production is still uncertain. 

The prototype received a patent back in 2010, and it shows a series of designs for a bed that protects sleepers during a quake. It however, does look like something straight out of a horror movie. Resembling something between a steel tomb and a Venus flytrap, the mattress drops into an open chamber within the steel coffin as soon as the sensors feel the ground shaking. The sturdy exterior was designed to protect you from falling debris. The bed should also come with warnings for those who are claustrophobic. 

The released animation shows that the beds would even have space for supplies, including water, food, medical kits and even tools. There still hasn’t been any news as to when this household item will be available for purchase  
However, the biggest concern and the most terrifying thought that comes to mind after seeing the video is that, what happens if the ceiling falls and you are trapped in there? Or what if you live out the food supplies, the oxygen supply, and still help doesn’t come in time? What if the tremors cause a fire break-out, or a gas leak; what do you do then?

The design is just a concept for now, and it’s most likely to just stay on paper considering how terrifying and impractical it seems to be.  This author right here will take her chances on running, rather than risking her life being locked in a box and starving to death. 

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