Thursday November 26, 2020
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Fariha Marjia

Introducing Energysquare, everyone’s go-to best friend, it is a small square charging pad. This thin pad puts a stop to your need to find the right dock for your charger. Unlike other wireless chargers this pad does not rely on induction. Rather it uses a conductive surface as well as a sticker on the back of your phone. The company is currently doing a Kickstarter campaign. The brains behind this innovation are a French startup, founded by two French entrepreneurs and graduates from an engineering school. 

The little charging bomb has more features; it can send electricity to multiple branded devices at the same time. The thin, adhesive sticker has an extension which plugs into the mobile device's charging/data port with either a Lightning or Micro-USB connector. The sticker contains two electrodes that are linked to the device's battery. As soon as the device touches the surface of the charging pad, which is made of conductive squares inlaid into an insulating material, the two electrodes are activated as soon as they are in contact with two different squares.

Energysquare’s CEO, Thibaut Guédou said in an email to Computerworld, “We have designed the surface and the sticker so that you can put your phone in any position, the two electrodes will still be in contact with two different squares. Hence, the surface detects the device and energy is sent to the battery. The charge is not made through [electromagnetic] induction but directly through the contact between the sticker and the surface.”

The charging pad's surface can automatically detect any foreign metal object or water, and as a safety precaution it stops sending any energy through it without a sticker, Guédou said.
"It is therefore possible to put any object on it and to wash it with water," Guédou said. "We've developed an open source standard to be compatible with all kinds of portable devices -- drones, wireless speakers, laptops, etc."

For about $44 (€39), early bird backers can receive a SquareOne charging pad and five charging stickers of their choosing, whether for an iPhone, Android phone or tablet. Backers can also receive a SquareTwo charging pad ($66), which has a larger surface area for more devices.

 Guédou revealed, "It took us two years to complete a working prototype but our technology is now fully functional."

Customers will be relieved to know that unlike how the embedded charger in the mobile device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and now S7, are required to give charge via wireless chargers. Electrosquare can charge any device, may it be iOS, or android. 

Their future initiative would involve developing similar wireless chargers with magnetic resonance. It will allow the device to be a short distance (millimeters) away from a charging pad. "That's expected soon and is already seeing some public infrastructure deployments of chargers in readiness," Green said. Each charging pad can deliver up to 25 watts of power.

Despite there being a monopoly of brands in the market, Guédou believes Energysquare's has superseded the rest. Electrosquare addresses the issue that most of today's mobile devices do not have native wireless charging.

"Our product development has been driven by the simple idea that our devices spend a lot of time on surfaces, so we want to make the most of that time," he said. "I think we can bring something completely different on the market."

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