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Breathe: World’s Smallest Air Purifier

Fariha Marjia
Breathe: World’s Smallest Air Purifier

We need to purify everything that we eat, drink or breathe. So over the years scientists devised plenty of cool smart air purifiers. “Breathe” is a new comer to that list. It improves the quality of air in our personal spaces. Smaller than the average smartphone in size- “Breathe” is the world’s smallest wearable air purifier. Currently the wearable is also available in ‘cadet grey’ and ‘matte black’.

This little gadget can eliminate air pollution around the bearer within seconds. The user can go without charging the purifier for as long as 30 hours on a single charge. The components of this gadget are protected within its small 2mm thick body (measuring only 30 x 65 cm) of high quality anodized aluminum. Moreover, the purifier does not need its filter to be changed or replaced. The Breathe can be carried with the utmost ease and convenience, while it gives you clean and breathable air.

However, don’t judge this small purifier by its size; it packs a punch when cleaning the air around the user within an approximate range of 20 meters by releasing anion molecules. Furthermore the device can eliminate odors, remove pollens by destroying tiny particles up to 25PM pollution, eliminate smoke, reduce headaches, and boost the users’ energy and concentration.

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