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Photon; the robot that grows with your Child

Fariha Marjia
Photon; the robot that grows with your Child

The dawn of the 21st century marks the era of a technological era. We live in a world so confined to relying on gadgets and technologies, it comes as no surprise that even when we need to do simple calculations, we’ll turn straight to the calculator app on our phones! In the midst of all that, the CEO of Photon Entertainment, Marcin Joka and his team had thought about making some changes to this already evolving tech savvy lifestyle of ours. Joka, along with Krzysztof Dziemańczuk, Michał Bogucki and Maciej Kopczyński, from Bialystok University of Technology, Poland invented the first ever robot that grows with a child, called Photon.
“I’m the first toy robot in the world that can develop along with your child. I do my best to teach kids how to code, think logically, use latest technologies, improve memory and boost their social skills.” - Photon
Photon was created to ensure that children stop being unproductive from spending too much time in front of computer screens or tablets. Research shows that- children these days have poor critical thinking skills due to excessive use of technology. There is no doubt that technological literacy will be crucial for the sustenance of future generation. But children must learn to use this technology productively and effectively to its full capacity.
Photon Entertainment launched a funding campaign for Photon. The campaign was launched back in May, lasting for six weeks. The prices were ranging from $149 for a super early bird version to $199 for a regular one. Photon was developed to hone the young minds, to encourage curiosity about new technologies and programming in an enjoyable and educational way.
Another key component about Photon is that it is unisex. That means no one can say it’s for boys or girls. The robot is designed mainly to accompany children from ages 6 to 12. The process takes place gradually as the child grows with the initial thought process being of an elementary-school child. The main purpose of the developers was to make sure Photon meets the children with all their needs, expectations, and abilities. The robot is programmed to educate children through storytelling, engaging them in challenges and introducing latest technology gradually. It also has built-in sensors that allow it to see and hear, as well as for touch-response, differentiating between light and dark, measuring proximity and more. The team at Photon entertainment have worked endlessly on a number of prototypes before coming up with the final version that’s all ready and set to go.
This little buddy has also been credited by Spider's Web - Technology blog, Forbes - Business magazine, Joana Zaremba - CEO WoWSchool.
So if you are looking for an interactive learning buddy for your little one, please visit

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