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UC Browser launches Bangla Version

UC Browser launches Bangla Version

UCWeb Inc, makers of the popular UC Browser announced the launching of the Bangla version of the UC Browser at a press conference in Dhaka, last week. UCWeb Inc, the company that currently holds 19.97 per cent market share of the browser market globally announced the unveiling at a local city hotel during the historic month of language movement.

UC Browser, the number one mobile browser in 4 most populous emerging markets– China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan, is currently the second most popular browser in the world, next to Google’s Chrome Browser. With its popularity rapidly increasing in Bangladesh, based on the app’s Daily Active Users growing by 109.2 per cent over the last year alone, the makers behind the web browser presented the release of the new interface as a gift marking the special occasion of the International Mother Language Day. 

Marketing director of emerging markets of UCWeb, Catherine Huang was present at the press conference. Speaking on the occasion, she said that they had launched world’s first Bangla version of the mobile browser back in December 2015. “After two months’ test, we bring it as a gift to all the Bangladeshi users on the special occasion of the International Mother Language Day. This is a new step of UC Browser to cater to Bangladeshi users’ needs and preference and a testament to our commitment to the market.”

After a survey report from June 2015 concluded that 37 per cent of the browser’s users preferred using Bangla, the first language of more than 98 per cent of the population, as the app’s interface language, the UC Browser team acted immediately on the report and launched the browser’s first Bangla version in its 10.7.8 release in December 2015. 

“The popularity is attributed largely to our in-depth localisation strategy including serving users local content and services. Bangladesh is an important South Asia market. The launch of Bangla version is just the first step to connect more Bangladeshi users to the world. We will continue to improve our product and provide better content and services”, said Kenny Ye, managing director of UCWeb International Business Department.

Till date, UC Browser is the first of its kind to feature an all Bangla interface. 

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