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Mythical Mind

Mythical Mind

Our tormented and turbulent society is going through an agonized phase. It lacks wisdom, direction, vision, morality, and humanity; whereas our past holds our experiences, knowledge, inspiration, and profundity.  Artist A.R. Rumy attempts to capture that essence through his works. His solo art exhibition, “Mythical Mind” is currently being held at started at La Galerie, Alliance Française de Dhaka, on Tuesday of this week.

The artist sees himself as a lonesome diver into his scarred soul. And from there he creates and dissolves the unreal boundaries between past, present and future. He tries to portray a reality with which the viewers may happily infuse themselves and would achieve the ability to see the completeness and openness between the boundaries of division, diversion and diversity.

The artist believes that love is the central voice which has been transformed from a path of pain, cruelty, brutality, absurdity. The mythical mind holds all the knowledge but it has the soulful intention to discover and reveal what is true and worthy. It is imbued with the beauty, puzzle and mystery in one hand; yet open to introspect, examine and question in and outside, on the other. Our storms are real, but it is to be dealt with passion, courage, tears, sweat, and fire. Following that Rumy would like to open the gate of thoughts, questions and answers, deciphering the mythical mind with artworks that connect, unite, and can instill a serenade of universal echoes in the heart of any rebellion.

About the Artist
A R. Rumy was born in Natore in 1979. He did his B.F.A from Rajshahi University and M.F.A from University of Development Alternative and is currently working as an assistant professor at faculty of fine arts, from his Alma Mater. He did his first solo at Chuwa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, in 2006. Besides, he also participated in a number of group art exhibitions in home and abroad.

The exhibition will be open till Friday, 2 September 2016,  
Venue: La Galerie, Alliance Française de Dhaka.
Visiting Hours:  Monday to Thursday from 3:00pm to 9:00pm,
Friday and Saturday (9:00am to12:00pm and 5:00pm to 8:00pm).
Closed on Sunday.

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