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Will Honda redefine Hybrid Supercars?

Will Honda redefine Hybrid Supercars?

Since 2008, there have been rumors about Honda’s mid-engined sports cars. A report from 2015, gave very detailed information about what appeared to be a scaled-down variation of the NSX hybrid supercar.
Honda filed a trademark application for “ZSX”, to the European Union Intellectual Property Office recently, which gives rumors some credibility. And it is near to the NSX classification, undoubtedly. The Australian outlets reported that an unnamed source within Honda claims the ZSX.
According to a confidential worker- ZSX will be delivered as a coupe and a hard-top convertible variation, with both being powered by the automaker’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the Honda Civic Type R. Just like the NSX, the ZSX is reported to obtain electric motors on the front and rear axles.
Past reports match the confidential source’s claims, as the ZSX was anticipated to be a replacement for the Honda S2000, which has been out of production since 2009. It now seems like it’ll be more of a mini-NSX, with reports pointing to one electric motor powering the rear wheels, while 2 motors would be on the front axle.
For now- The ZSX trademark is just for Europe. Time will tell if “ZSX” really stands for the cars, or if Honda really goes through with its plans.


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