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A million-dollar idea

A million-dollar idea

In the ongoing battle to save lives of millions of children all over the world, GlaxoSmithKline and Save the Children have been working tirelessly in partnership for years to improve child survival and mortality rates within developing countries.
Co-chaired by the CEOs of GSK and Save the Children, a judging panel, made up of experts from the fields of public health, science and academia, the fourth annual Healthcare Innovation Awards will award all or part of a $1 million USD grant to one or more of the best healthcare innovations that can help reduce child death in developing countries. For the HIA’s fourth year, special attention will be given to innovations that focus on reaching the hardest to reach children.
As well as providing funding, this year’s Healthcare Innovation Award will provide a platform to review and evaluate new approaches to health system challenges, to recognise those that are having an impact, and share their learnings with the wider global health community.
 “Extraordinary progress has been made in recent years to reduce the number of children dying before their fifth birthday. Despite this progress, more than five million children still die each year and millions of children are being left behind because of their gender, poverty, or ethnic identity; because they live in remote areas or urban slums; or because they are caught up in conflicts. We want to seek out and recognise ways in which these children can be reached”, said Ali Forder, Director of Programme Policy and Quality at Save the Children.
The benefits of this year’s HIA will include a cash donation from a USD $1million Award fund that has been made available by GSK; promotions through public announcements and international media coverage; A “Roundtable” event in the winning innovations’ local community that will convene interested and relevant stakeholders from the public, private and non-profit sectors to provide a support network that can help improve and grow the innovation; and potential additional support may include volunteer and/or technical assistance from GSK and Save the Children staff and country offices.
Organisations from across developing countries can nominate examples of innovative health approaches that they have implemented from within the first week of September. The eligibility requirements for the nominations are:
•    Be from a country classified as ‘low’, ‘lower-middle’, or ‘upper-middle’ income by the World Bank. Countries classified as ‘high income’ by the World Bank or that are in the European Union are not eligible.
•    Describe an innovative approach or process applied to under-5 child survival that can demonstrate impact within an eligible country
These approaches must have resulted in tangible improvements to under-5 child survival rates, be sustainable and have the potential to be scaled-up and replicated.
Entries close on 7th September at 11:59pm (GMT). Winners are expected to be announced in November.

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