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Early childhood learning has become a key concern from the education policy-makers to all kinds of stakeholders. There is mounting research evidence on its benefits for children's capacities and educational achievements as well as its critical role in realizing equitable, quality education and life-long learning. Every young child has an undeniable right to holistic development and a strong start in life. 

The government has also taken several initiatives in early childhood development over the last few years. The non-government efforts have complemented government initiatives and supported the significant progress in this sector. However, even with these major achievements, there is lots of work to be done to ensure greater achievement in early childhood development. 

In order to maintain a more positive approach towards raising children, initiatives should come from concerned citizens and parents in the society.  And to do that, a private organization named ‘Light of Hope’ recently held a day long workshop titled Early Childhood Learning through fun and games in the capital. With 30 participants 5 guest speakers from different background came up with their inspirational words. At first Rokiba Ahmed started the workshop stating the significance of arranging the same, then Waliullah CEO and founder of Light of Hope described the organization’s visions, missions and motto to the audience.  

The first segment of the main session was “stages of childhood learning”. Early childhood specialist Zinia Jesmin Karim was the speaker. She came up with different stages of child learning and duties of parents during these stages of a kid. She showed some activities and involved the parents in doing so. By this process the parents can play these activities with their kids to develop their overall skills. Media personality Tasnuva Ahmed was involved in this session and she encouraged the parents to always give their kids a second chance to complete a work and not to expect that their kid will always finish the job on time or at a single chance.

The next speaker was Rokiba Ahmed Abedin.  She described the different natures of a child in early childhood. Then she collected notes from the parents regarding their concern about some behavioral problems of their kids. She showed two different pictures to the participants and asked for a debate from them about which picture is appropriate for kids. Parents debated and gave their different opinions. Then the speaker drew the conclusion that both the pictures are appropriate for the kids according to their nature.  She also showed another picture containing different subjects in a single frame. Parents wrote different stories of their interest based on different subjects from that picture. The purpose of this activity was to make the parents understand their kids’ field of interest. 

Mr. Hasib, a professional from Ericsson on his take of being explained the methods and techniques of raising children through such an engaging workshop had this to say, “Sometimes we are advised by other parents or guardians on what to do or what not to do with our children; but along with the change of time, children’s behavior patterns are also changing.  So this kind of workshops can help us to understand and develop an organized and proper way of nurturing our children, understanding their behavioural patterns and raise them accordingly in order to expect positive outcomes.. 

So in order to make sure the parents of today are well learnt on making positive approaches for the children of tomorrow, ‘Early Childhood Learning’ will help pave a guiding pathway for parents’ to raise their children being competent and confident, while also help invoke their passions and purposes in life.

August 13, 2016
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