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Ideas: Worthy or not?

Ideas: Worthy or not?

We often presume that ideas are intangible, but are they? Are immeasurable? Why is it that a relatively ‘worse’ idea turns into big enterprise, whereas startups with huge pre-seed investments often sink within a year?

These trillion-dollar answers lie within the process of execution. If someone figured out a formula to guarantee seamless execution of every single viable business idea – it would indeed be worth more than trillions of dollars.

The first step towards execution comes in forms of refined business ideas. And the pitch acts a bridge between the ideas and investors. Getting funds are becoming more competitive, hence pitching to perfection is vital for every entrepreneur today. This is where the Pitch Perfect comes in – a platform that equips you with what you need, starting from presentation templates for your deck, articles to improve your speaking, videos to use as reference points and case studies to learn from the secrets of successful entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, it is the story and profitability figures that you want to get across – but how you do it can make or break the end-results.

Once you know why what and how you are going to go about your pitch, start practicing with friends and family. Ask for feedback on your content and delivery. It is often true that quality is just the byproduct of quantity – if you increase the number of times you do it, you simultaneously increase the probability of success. And attend competitions- these are places where you can evaluate strengths and flaws of others, and meet fellow competitors to get expert feedback.

The Pitch Perfect is arranging a competition, where the winner will win BDT 50,000 as prize money along with access to investors, instant recognition, and PR exposure. The last date for application is on 10th of August.

Truth is, ideas are a dime a dozen nowadays, augmented by the startup buzz in Dhaka. Nevertheless, only those who communicate their ideas and execute them will emerge as winners. Do you have what it takes?

August 10, 2016
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