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Hepatitis awareness app in Bangla

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Hepatitis awareness app in Bangla

National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh has launched a first-ever mobile app targeting almost 300 million Bengali-speaking people across the world to create awareness about the fatal diseases--Hepatitis B and C.
Marking the World Hepatitis Day-2016, the foundation made the app  'Know Hepatitis and Stay Well' available for all. The app has already been uploaded to Google Play Store from where anybody can download it for free.
The app can be considered as a special dictionary about viral Hepatitis. In this app, people can learn about the liver, liver transplant, food for liver, who is at risk of viral Hepatitis, hepatitis-B and C, vaccination procedure, fatty liver, hepatitis in pregnancy, liver function tests.
The foundation believes that the mobile awareness app will help people know and understand more about the viral Hepatitis.
Themed with elimination and eradication of Hepatitis, a total of 194 member countries of World Health Organisation (WHO) and 230 patient organisations of World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) observed the day with the slogan ‘Nohep” to root out Hepatitis by the year 2030.
Around four percent to seven percent of the country’s total population is infected by Hepatitis B and about one percent has Hepatitis C. Above three percent of the pregnant women are carrying Hepatitis B. There are five unique Hepatitis viruses – A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis B kills around 3,50,000 people in the South-East Asian region every year, which is more than the annual death of AIDS and malaria combined, according to WHO.


August 09, 2016
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