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Friendship and sanity … and Insanity!

Friendship and sanity … and Insanity!

Gandhi, Hitler, Stalin, Mandela, Clinton and Trump are just like you … well, not exactly like you but in some kind of way. What we mean is that they are, beyond the distinctive special figures these people are, they are, after all, only just people, like you. They are and were kids once and they all have/had friends, just like everyone else. Yeah, now you might say that your classmates, colleagues, neighbours aren’t really your friends and they don’t appreciate you existence. Well let’s not delve too deep into that sentence. Let’s try keeping this a light-hearted article, granted we started off with mentioning Hitler and Stalin in the same sentence!
What we’re trying to say is that everyone has a friend. Regardless of age, gender, religion, race, etc.; anyone could be a friend to anyone. All it takes is making enough effort to love and respect each other as human beings. And when human beings start to suck, you can even find the bestest of bestest friends in pets and animals.
Think about it- during your times of distress- we reach out to others who are the closest to us. Vice-versa, at times when the closer ones are the causes of distresses, then even strangers can become the closest of friends. After all, friendship is vital for sanity. However, insanity in friendships comply too.
Our lives depends on our ability to cope with our surroundings and in order to do that, we need others to communicate with and to receive support when needed, mentally and physically, both. Now keep in mind- no matter how bad or good of a person you are, you will evidently have friends, be good or bad themselves. But the number of friends don’t really determine how you are as a person yourself. It’s about the quality of the bond you share with that person. If your friendship is strong with someone then you’ll find more mutual interests and more stuff to relate to. From that mutual understanding, something may come of fruition. Who knows! You might be able to start a movement that could make the world a better place or you might just bring upon humanity’s impending doom. Or you could just chill and spend some quality time together and one day when you’re old and wrinkly, you can look back and cherish those moments later on in life.
Now seems like a fitting time to end this piece of writing. We’ll sign off leaving you with one of our all-time favourites, a song that truly echoes the wonders and hardships, the tears and joy of what friendship truly means to all of us – “I'll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts.

Happy Friendship Day to all of you!

August 07, 2016
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