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Pay Less for More Web

Pay Less for More Web

Internet is a very important part of our life. It has become quite an essential tool for us to keep in touch with our friends and family, and to stay up to date on everything across the globe. Though the likes of faster internet technology such as 3G has made its way to Bangladesh, the data packages come  at a pretty steep price.
Introducing Opera Max – an app developed by the makers of the popular Opera Browser. Opera Max is a data saving app which was designed to help save data costs by compressing data usage. Users can even choose either to compress mobile data or even data over Wi-Fi or LAN connections.
Once you enable the app, Opera Maxoptimises your data by routing your internet traffic through its servers and compresses the data before it gets sent to your phone; which essentially means is it takes all that data and makes it smaller before sending it to your device. This translates to lesser use of data for virtually the same content. Opera Max does this by creating a virtual connection (VPN) on its own to its servers where it condenses the data. This feature comes in handy especially when you are on a tight data plan. Along with the data compression service, Opera Max lets you see what apps are using data and when.
The most striking feature of the app is the ability to block access from individual apps that you do not want using your data all the time. Also, you can choose apps, which are allowed to use your data in the background – as certain apps like Facebook or Gmail are constantly updating in the background eating up a ton of your data without you even noticing.It prevents app from using your Internet without your permission and this alone can save you hundreds of megabytes of data.Additionally, Opera Max displays in depth details ofthe data used by each app in visually pleasing infographics.

However, the app has some minor downsides. Since it is essentially a VPN service, you may experience slower web browsing depending on things like your distance from the nearest Opera server. Also, because it does compress data, you may also notice some lower quality images and video. Even though, in a country like Bangladesh where high data limits are not the norm, this app can really come in handy and help cut down the monthly data costs of many.
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