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Let’s bring joy in Learning

Let’s bring joy in Learning

The key to raising a well-rounded child is to establish a solid support system at home so that he or she grows up satisfied with their achievements and ambitions. It seems as though nicety is getting lost in the rearing of our kids these days. Parents can point on different excuses to keep themselves away from the blame game, but at end of the day this will eventually kill the potentials these kids could possess one day.
In order to maintain a more positive approach towards raising children, an organization called “Lights of Hope” is bringing forth a day-long workshop program for parents titled ‘Early Childhood Learning’.
The workshop, as the title states, will focus in-depth on early childhood learning, emphasize on the need for identifying the nature of a child, the different stages of a child’s learning curve, as well as find innovative and joyful methods of engaging children into studying and more importantly, finding methods to make studies a wonderful learning experience. Participating parents will be taught various tips and tricks, and be given required resources in order to be able to make their children’s learning stage a complete fun experience.
Sunny Karim, one of the organizers, explains the need for arranging such a workshop is based on the fact that children nowadays are getting habituated with different kinds of technologies while growing up, whether it being a tablet, or a smartphone, or a hi-tech gaming device, etc. For some parents, raising a child in such nature is becoming more and more overwhelming because of the fact that these children are growing up with different or unrealistic values, which usually ends up as an unhealthy form of rearing a child.
So in order to make sure the parents of today are well learnt on making positive approaches for the children of tomorrow, ‘Early Childhood Learning’ will help to pave a guiding pathway for parents’ to raise their children being competent and confident, while also help invoke their passions and purposes in life.
For parents interested in participating, registration for the event is now open.
The workshop will be held at EMK Center on August 6.
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