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FUN Dhaka Round 2

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FUN Dhaka Round 2

From time to time, we hear extraordinary peoples’ extraordinary success stories via the social media or from various news media outlets. However, sometimes these real life stories were polished by the good editors for certain aesthetic and aspiring reasons. Which might lead one to wonder how everyone else has been reaching such great heights without falling or crumbling down once? To set this matter straight, Fuckup Nights initiated the idea of hosting a regular event where startup owners, entrepreneurs and businessmen alike will come to gather and share their failure stories and how they messed up at least even once before reaching the heights of success they did throughout their careers. 

The concept of the event came about from a discussion between five friends who were convinced that the unnecessary stigma surrounding “failure” needed to be removed. Since then people from all around the world gather every month to listen to three entrepreneurial stories about failure.
Following the success of the event initiated during the month of May of this year, Fuck up Dhaka hosted their second edition on July 23, where three young entrepreneurs Mir Shahrukh Islam from Bondstein, Rahmath Ullah from Easy Shopping BD and Shuvro Masrur from OrangeBox Lab shared their stories of letdown with the audience.

The first speaker, Shahrukh shared how he was about to lose one of the biggest contracts of his life at that time, one with Google, that needed him to deliver on a robotic project. Hours before submission, his robot’s motherboard crashed, causing the “fuckup” and from there on he shared how he handled that situation and got on with his work and how he miraculously did indeed manage to meet the deadline. 

Rahmath Ullah, the second speaker of the night, then took the stage. A man from “nowhere” and with no idea where to begin, Rahmath Ullah came to Dhaka seeking a job. From ground up, Rahmathullah learnt the tools of his necessary trade, paving his career pathway. After experiencing the hardships he had to endure, he is now the owner of an online e-commerce site.

Then came the third and final speaker, Shuvro Masrur from OrangeBox Lab. A graduate from North South University, Masrur’s tale of ups and downs was quite the highlight of the night. His story consisted of mainly his biggest obstacle while trying to set up his business initially when one random day he comes home to find all the equipment and hardware he invested all his capital into had all been destroyed by a faulty short circuit. After this blow, Masrur experienced a few more incidents where his plans had been foiled but he went on to show why he never gave up and what kept him going, and now after all his “fuckups”, he is now leading the company he always envisioned one day to be leading.
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