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Design Contest to promote jute fibre furniture starts now!

Attention! Calling All Designers!

Attention! Calling All Designers!

Alliance Française de Dhaka and Goethe-Institut Bangladesh are launching a project titled ‘Design Contest’ that will aim to promote the use of jute in a brand new and original approach to creating furniture using only composite materials from jute fibre and resin. The project, in association with Otobi and Gold of Bengal, aims to use the traditional jute fibre associated with innovative jute composite, under the guidance of French and German experts.
The Idea of the project is that students of architecture or fine arts, artists, and architects under 35 years of age can submit a design proposal of a furniture for e.g. seat, side table, shelf (of less than overall 1 meter cube) within the deadline July 29, 2016. 

After evaluation, eight best entries will be selected for the next phase of the project and the designers will be invited for a one-week training under the guidance by a French/ German professional designer and technicians in Dhaka in order to work on a prototype to produce it with composite made of resin and jute fibre.

Two teams will be formed to work on two different projects from here on- from design development to prototype production.

The participants of this contest will have a chance to stimulate their creativity as well as acquire new technical skills. Thus, this will give a chance to make a prototype that displays jute fibre, which is the soul of Bangladesh. 

The two final prototypes will be displayed during the opening of Franco-German Embassy in Dhaka. 

Participants willing to apply can download the soft version of the Entry form and find further details on the project from the following link:

July 25, 2016
Kazifarms Kitchen

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