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Apps To Enhance Your Creativity

Apps To Enhance Your Creativity

Make use of your Android phone to help manage and execute your tasks. Google Play Store has around 1.6 million apps, which means there’s an app for about anything, from games to getting productive. You can get your documents ready, handle your social media accounts and much more. We have handpicked the 5 most used apps out there.

Works on the principles of connecting platforms together depending on a user defined condition. This means you can set a condition of operation on a particular platform that would result in another operation to be executed in another platform. Leading to customizing it to your personal needs with more than a thousand possibilities. So how does this help you? It automatically
A. Sends a mail to a person when you take a photo,
B. Messages your family when you have reached school,
C. Gets notified when NASA is above your location (how cool would that be on your new smartphone?) and so much more!

Track time on literally anything, from getting late to office to dancing at a local bar. Nice interface that highlights how much time have been taken on doing your tasks. Effective for businesses that involve client work. Easily create timesheets and reports for your projects for a friendly analysis on all of your tasks.
Working on a team that requires a lot of communication? Slack effectively organizes all communications, helps spend less time on meetings and reduces mails. It is not only a communication platform, integration to other services such as Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive and much more is available, making it one of the most recommended apps for team collaboration. This means easily send files, assign tasks while communicating or in a meeting on Slack, and so much more. To summarize, any latest mobile price in Bangladesh will give you more value for money if you are using a great collaboration software like Slack on it!
Reduce the time you invest on posting on social media by scheduling it using Hootsuite. Easily schedule Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn posts, etc. to help concentrate on other work. Hootsuite not only schedules, it provides a dashboard that can display all of your social media updates on one screen, making it less time consuming than going to each social platform individually and checking out the updates. You can also monitor mentions, tweets, trending and so much more. Hence, completely changes and provides a much more productive way to manage your social media accounts.
Spending too much money on photocopying notes? Need a scanner to properly scan your notes for future reference? CamScanner is the ideal Android app for students. It helps automatically provide a scanned version of your document by simply taking pictures of it, share it between friends, extract text from images, easily generate a PDF or JPEG from a scanned book and so much more.

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