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Failure is the Pillar of Success!

Failure is the Pillar of Success!

Have you heard enough about success? Wondering how everyone is reaching great heights without falling and crumbling once in awhile? Everybody fails, everybody makes mistakes but nobody talks about their failures as much as they talk about their success.

Fuckup Nights initiated the idea of sharing failure stories where startups and entrepreneurs are gathering to discuss how they messed up and the mistakes they made down their career paths.

The first FuckUp Night happened in Mexico City in 2012. The concept came out of a talk between five friends who were convinced that the stigma surrounding “failure” should be removed. Since then people from all around the world gather every month to listen to three entrepreneurial stories about failure.

But wait, shouldn’t we focus on the positives and the bravados?

Not necessarily! This event focuses solely on the negative in order to teach the positive. It is important to make mistakes, or else how will we ever learn? Sharing these embarrassing downfall stories lets people know it’s perfectly okay to fail, they are not alone and failure is not the end.

Fuckup Nights(FUN) Dhaka started their journey on 28th May 2016 with three talented speakers. They were great sports, as they willingly and enthusiastically shared their entrepreneurial downfalls. The concept reached many people who showed interest to be a part of the FUN Dhaka community. The next Fuckup Nights will be held on the 23rd of this month. And three young entrepreneurs Mir Shahrukh Islam from Bondstein, Rahmath Ullah from Easy Shopping BD and Shuvro Masrur from OrangeBox Lab will be sharing their stories.

Countries only Innovation and creative is the media partner of the event.

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