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Great Nations. Great Brands.

Tousif Jamal
Great Nations. Great Brands.

Great Nations are known for Great Leaders, Great People and Great Places. Great Nations are also known for being Great Brands.

United States of America has given the world the most advanced of technology. They have given the world groundbreaking gadgets that have improved the way in which humans connect. Apple, Microsoft, Dell and so many have made life in this world worth living. USA is the 'Designers of Technology'.

China manufactures everything and anything in this world. From cars to Barbie dolls, there are very few products that are not manufactured in this great nation. China strength is its population and they have leveraged that in making a powerful army as well as building expertise in manufacturing. China is the 'Manufacturer of the World'.

India has given us the greatest show on the planet, Bollywood. Where else will you see such love, compassion and drama? We have learned that despite the many difficulties in life, you can still dance, laugh and romance behind a tree! Indian movies have not only gone global, but world famous directors are also making movies set in India. Slumdog Millionaire is perhaps the most famous of them all. India is the 'Entertainer of the World'.

Canada has always been overshadowed by its neighbor. Canada has shown identical progress (if not better) to the USA in most of the sectors, however tends to receive less credit from the world. Perhaps one thing that it has never been credited for is the beauty. Due to the peaceful coexistence of multi ethnic groups of humans, Canada has given the world amazingly beautiful humans in all fields. Canada is the 'Beauty of the World'.

Malaysia is an amazing story. They were the first nation in Asia to realize the importance of tourism and service excellence. Malaysia has transformed into a haven for tourists who want to travel to Asia. They have become the doorway to Asia. Malaysia is the 'Asia of the World'.

UAE has seen phenomenal advancement in the past two decades. A nation which was only sand, it was the vision of a leader which transformed the nation into a lucrative place for investment. UAE brings together the world working together to make it the future. UAE is the 'Future of the World'.

Bangladesh is a developing nation with 160 million humans. In 1971, millions sacrificed their lives to make the nation independent from the tyranny of Pakistan. Today, Bangladesh is serving nations around the world with peacekeepers. The highest number of peacekeepers in the UN are from Bangladesh. The peacekeepers help nations to maintain stability despite civil unrest. They sacrifice their lives for the peace of the world. Bangladesh is the 'Peace of the World.'

July 17, 2016
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Tousif Jamal is a Management Consultant based in the Netherlands. He helps startups in Bangladesh expand their business in the European market. He may reached at

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