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Paypal is here: Real or Rumour?

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Paypal is here: Real or Rumour?

After years of continuous on-going rumours of its arrival, Paypal is finally coming to Bangladesh! And this time, it’s not just “another” rumour. After years of constant debating and delaying, Paypal, the world’s largest online payment gateway will finally be launched in Bangladesh in the coming months.
On Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Mahbub Kabir Milon, Joint Secretary, posted on his Facebook page, “Just came out of the ICT ministry. I have a small but significant news. Paypal is coming to Bangladesh. A Memorandum of understanding (MOU) contract has been signed with Sonali Bank. Within the next two-three months, Paypal will start their operations in our country”.
The post by the Joint Secretary brought to light exactly what the situation is revolving Paypal and Bangladesh’s government, and sparked a serious discussion on its legitimacy via social media.
“The MoU was signed with the aim to promote e-commerce in Bangladesh,” said Dider MdAbdur Rob, acting managing director of Sonali Bank. ''We have signed the MoU a month ago and sent it to American based payment system Paypal.”
He also added, “Bangladesh was facing difficulties in receiving remittance earned through outsourcing. The new contract with Paypal will make the remittance inflow easy and faster.”
On the topic of Paypal’s arrival in Bangladesh, State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak said, “Our freelancers have been demanding for a long while now to bring Paypal to Bangladesh. Under the leadership and supervision of the Prime Minister’s IT advisor Sajib Wazed Joy, we have been carrying out talks with Paypal for many days. Talks have been progressing well. We are hopeful that within a few days, we will maybe reveal some good news.”
Ultimately, it goes to show that the government is indeed taking steps to further better our ICT division, and with the introduction of Paypal , it will help bridge the gap between local freelancers and international outsourcing businesses.

July 14, 2016
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