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Bangladesh improves position on Fragile States Index report

Bangladesh improves position on Fragile States Index report

Bangladesh has inched closer towards more stable nations, sliding from last year’s 32nd position to settle at 36 on the Fragile States Index, this year’s report reveals.
The Fragile States Index analyses various social, economic and other parameters to prepare a list of fragile nations and rates them in descending order. A slide down the list is an indicator of development on the index.
The list is prepared by US non-governmental research body Fund for Peace and is published by Foreign Policy.
This year’s report underpins the fact that regional disturbances can fireball into global calamities as indicated by the Syrian refugee crisis of 2015.
Compared with their last year’s position, this year’s report reveals that Bangladesh’s neighbours India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bhutan have registered an improvement in their plights while Pakistan, Myanmar and Nepal have recorded a worsening.
The Maldives has retained its position.
Somalia has jumped up from number 2 to number 1 and has emerged as the most fragile among nations in the 2016 report.
Syria, which has been rattled by a civil strife, leading to pouring of refugees into the European shores, occupies the sixth position in this year’s list. Last year, the country stood at number 9.
Among the neighbouring nations, Sri Lanka has exhibited dramatic improvement, scaling up from last year's 43rd position to 68th position this year on the fragile index.
Myanmar’s position has worsened from 27 to 26.
India has improved from 68 to 70.


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