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Deepto TV: Breaking the EID Trend

Ahtasham Imam
Deepto TV: Breaking the EID Trend

Over the last few decades, the TV and movie industries have reached heights that were only dared to be imagined once. Be it the graphical visual add-ons or the high definition, high end filming equipments, or just simply how immersive the story-telling is, the world of visual media can transcend one deep into a world of fantasy, an escape from reality.
Stepping into the limelight of the media industry, Deepto TV is an entertainment focused channel that will cater to bringing in a unique variety of television programmes, rich in story content, as well as visually aesthetic, up to the highest mark.
The TV network includes daily soaps, morning shows, children’s programmes and youth-centric musical shows. The network gained immense appreciation from its regular viewers over broadcasting the Bengali-dubbed Turkish TV series, Sultan Suleiman.
Qazi Urfi Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Deepto TV, confirms in an interview with Intellect that the channel aims to keep its uniqueness in terms of programme contents for the upcoming Eid-ul-fitr. And as always, Deepto TV will be producing any new original programme using their very own production resources, which includes sets, studios, artists, technical crews, screen writers, etc.
On the topic of showcasing exclusive programmes, he said that usually all TV stations stop airing their regular scheduled programmes during Eid periods. However, Deepto TV will continue to broadcast their regular dailies, along with exclusive added content for Eid specials. As per request by a number of viewers, Sultan Suleiman will be broadcasted as usual, even during the three days of Eid.
“There are usually different kinds of programmes being aired during the Eid vacation. It’s a window for telecasting dramas and cinemas in this short break. You will see that different channels are scheduling for week long movies on commercial basis but what we are doing here is a little different. Our Eid-ul-fitr scheduled programme list will only feature three distinct movies”, said Urfi.
“On the first day, we are screening ‘Keyamat theke Keyamat’, the movie that debuted Salman Shah and Mousumi rise to stardom. On the second day we are showing ‘Jagoo’, a youth oriented film regarding football, directed by Khizir Hayat. And the third day of Eid will feature a liberation war themed special.” He added, “We are also doing some nonfiction things which have never been done before in Bangladesh, along with trying to create a new space or platform for budding musicians and bands. We will be featuring a special music programme, Deepto Music Fest, which will see young new talented musicians performing evergreen classics in their own renditions.”
Urfi went on to say, “I have two more interesting facts to add to the tally. Since we wanted to keep our regular programmes as per schedule, our original drama series, Palki, will go on to air as usual, but now the storyline will feature the three days of Eid in itself! Three days of Palki and three days of Eid; I am pretty sure that this kind of sequencing/scripting is quite rare in our drama industry.”  
Alongside that, Urfi added that Dipto TV is also launching a new and different kind of kids’ programme as an Eid special named ‘Bachara Je Ki Bole’. Anchored by Erash Zaker, this programme is said to be first of its kind to have ever been made in Bangladesh where kids will play the roles of the senior personalities of the country.
Deepto TV aims to create an exceptional platform within the world of creative media in Bangladesh and hopes to generate a more sustainable and creative outlet for the artists’ and crews’, and help bring positive changes within the broadcasting and cultural industry of Bangladesh.

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