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Frisky New App to Map Risky Traps!

Raziul Haque
Frisky New App to Map Risky Traps!

Ever wondered how unmarked bumps and pot holes have come around to serve the citizens of Dhaka city? Well, our curious friends at BRAC undertook a month long observation around the city and found out some disturbing facts about these mischievous street folds and trap holes. More than 600 people got injured just in Dhaka city due to unmarked speed breakers, pot holes and various other safety hazards lying around the average person’s commute routes. 600 IN A MONTH=7200 IN A YEAR! Major victims of these accidents are cyclists, bikers and rickshaw passengers. This observation opened eyes of many and some stood forward with the people at BRAC to jointly initiate an innovative idea. BRAC advocacy for social change has developed “Road Safety Dhaka” app in collaboration with BDCylists, the largest cyclists’ community in Bangladesh.

First of its kind, Road Safety Dhaka app is out on Android’s Play Store and Road Safety Bangladesh claim that they are still in a piloting phase and that they aim to develop this app for other popular mobile platforms such as the IOS and Windows phone and gain larger access to the community. Currently the app’s main focus would be to mark the unmarked bumps and pot holes in Dhaka city and alert the dwellers about it. In addition, any user can see the mapping on 'Road Safety Dhaka' App and their website: With this road safety app, everyone with an android phone can become a road safety change maker.

Users can report unmarked speed breakers, pot holes and also mark a resolved issue as safe with location information and photo. Moreover, any mistakes on the map can be reported as Fake or a nifty review could be appreciated with a Like option, thus, making sure that users get to view a verified report and clear map within the app. A statistics box will tell how many “pot holes” and “unmarked bumps” have been marked and how many of them have been resolved during a certain period of time. A live dashboard with different coloured icons showing: Your Location, Pot Holes, Unmarked Speed Bumps and Resolved Issues will literally bring all the risky zones in Dhaka City within the line of your sight. Accessibility options such as setting audio alerts ahead of whimsical bumps and other deadly traps on the app settings would come handy for cyclists and bikers.

Overall, this app could become a very useful tool for anyone traveling within the realms of the city. Individual contributions from a massive community of users will enable accurate live data and will help the government to ensure a safer environment for the residents of Dhaka city. Initiators of this app aim to utilise such an idea to reach out to the rest of the country. Rebuilding a nation with safer roads lies within our fingertips.

To find out more on the app, download the “Road Safety Dhaka” app from you Android Play Store or check out their websites at:


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