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Nahid Hossain

There is no more a need for a fancy schmancy degree to step into the world of app development. You can now create powerful application for your smartphones with the help of Semble!

Semble, the Mac application, is a new app-creation tool that is designed to enable users to build and share mobile apps. The platform is free to use and allows the creation of a number of apps without any commitment. Semble claims that the creation of an app in their platform is as easy as writing an email or making a Keynote presentation and that app can be built varying in a wide range of issues. Staffan Ekhold, founder and CEO of Mag+, the company behind Semble believes that communication via mobile devices should be for everyone and not just for the techies. He says that Semble is believed to be the mobile application world’s equivalent to WordPress’s contribution towards website. Ekholm says that Semble hopes to make the power of apps available to anyone who wants and change the way the people think about it.

The usability of Semble is as simple as putting together a PowerPoint presentation. On Semble, the creation of an app is mainly based on the inbuilt drag and drop functions. It is possible to ether customize an app, or pick from an already made template to make the process even more simple. Semble also allows the insertion of dynamic content, eg, RSS feed, and the option to update it whenever you want.  

Semble is believed to give the techies a run for their money. The tool is available to anyone who wants to breathe life into their ideas and transform it into immersive content and make it accessible to digital and smart device users from diverse backgrounds. It would be curious to see new Semble based creations, create a revolution in the mobile application world. 


June 16, 2016
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The writer is a legal associate and IP practitioner at Old Bailey Chambers.


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