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Must Reads for the Summer!

Must Reads for the Summer!

Summer is upon us, which means there’s no TV on, which means it’s finally time to dig into those books you’ve been saving for your weekends, vacation, and whatever other spare moments you have. Unfortunately, there’s also a ton of tremendous new fiction and non-fiction books coming out this summer, meaning your pile is about to get much, much bigger. So start following this article feed to keep yourself updated with the latest and best reads as we post 3 new book reviews, and previews, every day!
Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley
The much-anticipated sequel to 2012's hit The Rook, Stilleto returns to the world of the Checquey, the secret government agency tasked with keeping Britains safe from the supernatural. If you’re reminded of Charles Stross’ The Laundry Files novels, Stiletto is less office politics and Cthulhu and more X-Men and Dungeons & Dragons, as the Chequey battles a variety of monsters and mad scientists with strategic planning as much as their super powered agents.

False Hearts by Laura Lam
Conjoined sisters Taema and Tila dream of escape from an anti-technology cult. As children, they were separated following heart surgery, and escaped into san Francisco. A decade later, Tila is wanted for the first murder of a civilian in decades, and Taema is given an opportunity to redeem her sister: to go undercover in her place to infiltrate the Ratel, a powerful gang that deals with Zeal, a mind-altering drug. As she investigates, she discovers that their pasts and present might be linked.This is a debut novel that we’ve been getting excited about, an interesting cyberpunk mystery that meshes together the future of biotechnology and murder.

Barkskins: A Novel by Annie Proulx
Annie Proulx might not like high-fives, but we’re really intrigued by her new novel, Barkskins. Set in the late 17th Century, two Frenchmen, René Sel and Charles Duquet, arrive in North America with the promise of a new life. They each face enormous hardships in the New World, and Proulx follows the descendants of each over the next three centuries as they travel across the world and deal with the consequences and ecological ramifications of their ancestors’ decisions.
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