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First, Messenger, now Moments

First, Messenger, now Moments

As Facebook continues to push its users to install its private photo-sharing app Moments through recurring emails and pop –up notifications, stating that their photos will be deleted unless they shift to Moments; needless to say the social media company is leaving a large number of frustrated users at its wake.
Facebook recently announced that users with a synced photo album will have to download and log into the company’s Moments app by July 7, or else have all their photos from that album deleted.
Released last year, the Moments app allows for private uploads of photos for sharing with friends without actually putting them onto the social network. Until now, users who’d choose to have their photos automatically uploaded to their profiles would’ve had to switch on the Photo Sync feature that the company added to its main application back in 2012. When turned on, all automatic photo uploads would be added to the private “Synced from phone” album. This album will be going away after July 7, making Moments the primary method for users to be able to automatically upload photos privately.
However, there are still a great number of users who are reluctant on having to deal with so many different apps for Facebook. For such users, Facebook offers an alternate method should they choose to rescue their synced photos.


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