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Tanzim Naim Sara
The Backyard Chef
Syed Muhammad Nahiyan

Lodged on a discreet street in Lalmatia, Tbc Express is not very easily spotted. I had not heard a lot about it nor was the social media scene in Dhaka going wild regarding it. Thus,my visit to this place had been delayed for a long time. However, one day when I was complaining about there not being a decent sushi place in Dhanmondi, my friend recommended Tbc Express.

Upon entering the place, I instantly liked it. It gives off a homely feeling. The restaurant is not very big but with a mixture of both tables for big groups and small gatherings. Though I knew what I wanted to order, Iopened the menu and scanned the dishes. They actually have a wide variety of dishes from fusion Japanese to continental fast food. If you do not know what you are craving at that very moment it is very likely you will get confused. We ordered some Yakiniki, Philadelphia rolls and the Chicken Katsu.

It was not a long wait before the food arrived. The Yakiniki came with the Enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef bacon all tied together in a skewer. The bacon had a slight char on it which is always a sign of good cooking. The Philadelphia rolls were neatly presented with an ample amount of sesame seeds on top. The Chicken Katsu turned out to be boneless fried chickensteak served on a bed of spicy rice.

I was dying to try out the mushrooms. If you live in Dhaka city you know how rare it is to find a place which offersany kind of mushrooms except the canned ones. This find was a delight in itself and this was doubled when I took my first bite. It was crunchy and yet juicy. Instantly the juices started dripping. I should warn you:at this point a napkin is an absolute must!Right after my first bite I could taste that it was authentic Japanese and not a Bengali version of sushi. All my inhibitions gone, I tried a little of everything. The Philadelphia rolls had smoked salmon, with some avocado, cream cheese and for crunch there was cucumber. The best part about these rolls was the fish no doubt. It was perfectly smoked. Next was the chicken katsu. The rice was quite spicy and a little sticky. I liked the chicken but some parts were a little too burnt for my liking. However the combination with the rice did work. This was the first of my many visits to Tbc Express. I have tried quite a lot of dishes. Yet in my opinion their Japanese items stand out by a huge margin.

Be it a casual hang out with your friends or a meeting with your client, if you are looking for a place,away from the rowdy crowds of Dhaka, I would highly recommend Tbc Express. A dainty place with really tasty food and good service, no more do I have to travel one hour to Gulshan to meet my sushi cravings.

June 12, 2016
Kazifarms Kitchen

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