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Autonomous Cars

Zarif Chowdhury
Autonomous Cars

Autonomous means self-aware. In this era of technology, we can expect cars to be smart, just like our cell phones. Almost all car companies are trying to make theirvehicles self-aware now. Climate control, cruise control, traction control, active suspension, darkness-sensing headlights, rain sensing wipers, you name it.Almost everything can be detected and controlled by a car itself nowadays.
Tesla Motors, Mercedes and a few other companies have taken car autonomy to a whole new level. Stuff like rain-sensing wipers are nothing compared to the autonomy in their cars. New technologies are being used in cars mainly because of safety purposes and greater comfort for the driver and the passengers.
What autonomy?Well, what not?
Assisted Brakes
No it doesn’t help you brake. Instead, it will do the braking itself, if necessary. Some new models from Mercedes have the technology for assisted braking. The car is able to sense any sort of obstacle that might cause a collision and, if the driver doesn’t react within a reasonable time, the vehicle does the braking itself.
Parking Assist
Until now, parking assistance in cars meant the vehicle was equipped with a camera in the rear and a screen for the driver to look at while putting the car in reverse. But now, parking assistance has been taken to a new level as well. Mercedes and a few other brands of the same league have given their cars, the ability to communicate with you while parking. It will measure the distance between the car and an obstacle and guide you to park. Not impressive enough? Well, then you ought to check out the new Tesla Model S, the car that can park itself! Now, that’s something!
However, that’s not all Tesla’s been doing. Tesla installed an innovative new technology in the Model S that allows the car to fully scan the road it’s on whichincludes other cars, pedestrians and obstacleson its route for its Auto-Pilot mode. Yeah, you read it right. When set up accordingly, this nifty little feature can make the car drive on its own. Choose a destination with the help of GPS and just lean back andlet the Model S take you wherever you choose to go. However, with such advanced technology which has hardly been tested well enough, there are still certain limitations with this. As you’ve already guessed,you cannot use the auto-pilot everywhere in the world, yet. The car needs to be in a region which has been uploaded in its operating GPS and the respective area has to be associated with the technology built into the car for updated road and traffic conditions.
Another interesting featurein the Tesla cars is the vehicle’s ability to monitor its driver’s eyes as an added security measure in order to make sure that the person behind the wheels in constantly alert and aware, even when the car is set on Auto-Pilot mode.
In the last decade or so, it’s apparent that vehicle manufacturers have come a long way and with the technologies being implemented in these vehicles, we can hope to see these features come as a standard pack for all upcoming car models in the near future. Let’s just hope that when that near future does arrive, it slaps on a price tag that’s reasonable for all as well.


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