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Growth Hacking Bootcamp ends successfully

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Growth Hacking Bootcamp ends successfully

There’s no doubt that in the last few years there have been immense growth and success in Asia’s startup business system. And things are continuing to look up. With the money entering the business network, or its ‘ecosystem’, it’s not surprising to see new services springing up that are catering to the needs of young entrepreneurs and their companies.
To introduce the startup community more closely, Hub Dhaka and SHETU jointly organised a two day-long workshop titled Growth Hacking Bootcamp on June 5-6th in Dhaka.
Anna Rehermann, a Stanford University graduate and the founder of Growth Hacking Asia provided her mentorship at the event.The purpose of the workshop was to develop the skills for those who have been involved with startup businesses and to aid in increasing the value of their businesses. Persons from different areas of service, with 1-2 years of start-up business experience attended the workshop. Participants learned about improving their skills, finding pathways to increase promotions through the use of social networking sites, and the tools of engaging with the startup community.
During two-day’s workshop, trainees were provided training on various topics and on the last day of the Bootcamp, participants sat for a short examination to achieve a certificate under the workshop.
The first part of this workshop had taken place last year on November 18, where Rehermann mentored a one day workshop titled “Introduction to Growth Hacking’’. This workshop is the next chapter of Growth Hacking Asia, which is known as Growth Hacking Bangladesh.
Regarding the workshop Rehermann said to Intellect that the participants have performed tremendously regarding their field of startups. Among other countries from South East Asia that are taking part in the Bootcamp, Rehermann believes participants from Bangladesh are very talented. If they can be nurtured properly, this country can turn into a new hub for startup community. 

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