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Workshop on Growth Hacking Bootcamp

Workshop on Growth Hacking Bootcamp

Stanford University graduate and founder of Growth Hacking Asia, Anna Rehermann, will be in Dhaka to provide mentorship for a workshop called Growth Hacking Bootcamp. The two-day-long workshop will take place on June 5 – 6, 2016. She previously held a day-long workshop on ‘Introduction to Growth Hacking’ back in November, 2015.The Growth Hacking Bootcamp will be organised by Shetu and will be supported by Hubdhaka.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide mentorship for startup business and to assist those who want to develop their skills further in order to successfully increase the value of their businesses. Participants at the workshop will learn how to improve their skills; how to better promote their business via social networking sites and the essential tools required to successfully engage within the startup community. Rehermann’s goal is to flip the success rate of Asian startups from 1/10 to 9/10. Her organisation has conducted many Growth Hacking Bootcamps in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Singapore, and now Bangladesh.

The workshop will also tackle various topics regarding properly maintaining startup businesses throughout the two-day period. Afterwards, participants will also have to sit for a short examination in order to earn their certificate. Interested participants are urged to register soon as the workshop will host only a limited number of seats. The country’s only Intellectual Property core online news portal, is the online media partner for the event. 

For registration, please visit the following pages:

You can also visit the Facebook pages for Shetu and Growth Hacking Bangladesh at:

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