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Sausly’s , A fast food joint

Revisiting an Old eatery

Nahid Hossain
Revisiting an Old eatery

Around the late 90’s when there were barely any fast food joints in Bangladesh, Sausly’s was introduced in to our lives. Sausly’s, established in 1992, through a joint venture between a German organization and Mr. Harunur Rashid Monno of Monno ceramics.Ever since then, Sausly’s has retained its niche while providing us with one of the earliest tastes of world class sandwiches, gourmet delis, sausages and other bakery items. Although the venture is no more joined with the German organization, Sausly’s has continued its food journey by procuring fresh local meats preparing it with German spices coupled withwell trained staff in the kitchen and a culture of strict adherence to hygiene standards . 

It was been over two decade and they still maintain the same standard and ensure consistency in their food products. They have the best ready-made to-go sandwiches prepared from a selection of deli meats.Rather than their other items, I would say that their sandwiches are perfect for people who prefer a healthy quick bite. The notable ones are their club sandwiches, chicken salad sandwich, butter chicken sandwich and tuna sandwich.

However the best one is the hunter beef sandwich. The processed beef is mixed with their secret mayo, pepper and other herbs. From the very first bite, this cold sandwich tantalizes the taste buds with demure yet distinct flavors. Their butter chicken sandwich deserves a special commendation due to its ability to melt in mouth while exploding the buttery chicken goodness. One such sandwich is filling enough to last you till your next meal. If you are not in the mood for sandwiches, Sausly’s does offer hot meals and snacks which includes broasted chicken, burgers, tarts and éclairs and lasagna. While you are getting your snack fix, do not forget to get a takeaway of their cheese twists. I promise they will add the extra oomph as sides to your cream soups when you have the sniffles or need a pick-me-up meal. Or if you are like me, you could continue munching till your fingers roam lonely in the empty container. These cheese twists are sold by weight and can be stored in air tight containers for at least week. 

With the incessant amount of new food places mushrooming in Dhaka city, you must be wondering why Sausly’s is getting an honorable mention. Well, I have recently been to Sausly’s and my love for their consistently simple yet honest food has been rekindled. With the potential risk of wasting money along with disappointingly feeding hunger, I am just going to play it safe and stick with my old friend Sausly’s here.

June 01, 2016
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