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QQ-Tech Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Raziul Haque
QQ-Tech Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Great news for laid back couch potatoes looking to babysit multiple gizmos and gadgets! Just lean back with the QQ Mini Keyboard in your hands, for you to control your home theater, PC, as well as interact with your android and ios devices. 

Inside the box

Once unboxed you’ll find the device is sleeker then expected, the little keyboard is about the size of a remote control yet has a full keyboard along with an integrated touchpad.A micro USB cable, provided with the keyboard, will charge it up for a continuous working time of twenty hours using Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. However, the package does not come with Bluetooth dongle, so make sure your device support Bluetooth. It supports Android 3.0 + only; iPad and iPhone no touch pad function.

The Layout

There's two sets of mouse click buttons on board as well as a small arrow rocker switch for emulating arrow keys, it kind of has a video game controller look and feel to it. A little led light on top will blink and let you know that is fired up and ready to take control over your cursory and entertainment necessities. The top row has dedicated multimedia keys for Bluetooth connectivity, volume control, mute, play/pause, fast forward/ rewind and search functionality.A responsive QWERTY keyboard and touchpad setup below fills up the remainder portion of the perimeter. Noteworthy keys within the lower section includes a Hot key for “Start” to activate start menu on Windows, a Language switch to toggle between languages in your operating system, Function(Fn) key to work with other keys together for extra functions and make your laid back life easier. Lastly, a micro USB port for convenient charging completes the dynamic design of the keyboard’s layout.

Though the build quality doesn’t reach the top notch standpoint, the overall feel of the device is pretty nice once you consider the price tag and the perfect use of "key stroke" design that effectively reduce input errors for a more comfortable typing environment. Not to forget, the compatibility with Windows, Android and iOS system makes this device the ultimate remote control to work across all the smart platforms around! 

E-commerce sites such as and will cater your needs of this product if you are planning to get one for yourself.

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