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A hub for collectors

Zarif Chowdhury
A hub for collectors

We car enthusiasts, have a thing for collecting cars – I’m talking about scale-models and Hot Wheels ofcourse, considering ‘collecting’ real ones are a tad bit difficult. 

A scale-model collector is someone who collects miniature models of cars, made to scale, and oftentimes crafted with painstaking attention to detail. Unfortunately, these collectors who are all about showing off their rides, have long been deprived of a suitable platform or community in our society. Or should I say, “They were.” 

Thanks to Facebook, there are a few groups which look to bring collectors together. And they’re doing a pretty good job if I must say. Being a member of a few of these groups, I see how people share their collection of scale-models and Hotwheels. I also share mine, at times. These groups are a huge relief for us car guys! There is nothing more frustrating than owning an enviable collection and not being able to showcase it to people who’d appreciate it.

A fellow collector, Saqif Maqsud, whom I met through one of these groups, was kind enough to talk to us about his passion for cars and show us a few gems from his collection of scale-models.

When asked about his passion for cars, he said, “Well, it started with my dad’s passion. I also heard stories about my grand dad and his cars. My granddad sold off his RT40 and that’s when our empire was founded. Haha! You’ll be surprised to know that, my father was a matchbox collector. And I’m just following tradition I guess.”

Saqif basically started collecting matchboxes and scale-models when one day, he found his father’s collection in the store-room. And as a kid, it is phenomenal to find your father’s collection of toy cars! Ever since, he’s been collecting anything and everything that he fancies. He has even got scale-model versions of a few cars that were owned by his family. His extensive collection included a ‘70s Corolla, a Toyota Exiv, an X100 Mark II and a few other common cars that you’d never think would have miniature versions.

Saqif also likes to restore scale-models and matchboxes. So if you have an old piece of memory in the form of a toy car and you want it restored, he might just be the guy for you. 

Facebook interest groups like these have hugely contributed to bringing people of similar tastes together and providing platforms for showcasing talents and hobbies. The Die-cast Car Collectors’ Club Bangladesh is a leading local collectors’ hub that you can head to if you’re looking to share your collections, or even look through some. 

May 29, 2016
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