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Boyband Trademark Dispute

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Boyband Trademark Dispute

In this year’s International Film American music band One Direction sued British boyband One Direction for Trademark infringement. The US One Direction claims that they owned the name "One Direction" first. The Trademark law suit demanded for a court order to force Simon Cowell's X factor famed UK based group to change its name. The US band was formed in 2009 a year before the members of the UK group had even met. 

Besides the US group suing Cowell's record label and Sony Music seeking more than a million USD in damage and a share from the UK One Direction's profits. Simon Cowell formed the UK group during the 2010 X Factor held in UK.

Sean O'Leary leads the 5 members US band group who started creating music at school and the group has played at the local fairs and bars. Cowell's Syco label informed that they had tried to settle the matter amicably ever since it has blazed but now have no choice but to defend the law suit since the US group has filed the infringement suit with the California Central District Court. 

The US group further claimed that they are suffering substantial confusion and damage because of the UK group who recently sold out their US tour.    



The story was first published in INTELLECT Issue no.2, dated July 2012. 

June 30, 2015
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