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Funk Necessities!

Kazi Toufique
Funk Necessities!

The Getaway, when it will come out on the 17th of June will be Red Hot Chilli Peppers 11th studio album. Dark Necessities was the first song announced from the album on May 2, 2016 via the band's official twitter account and was released three days later on May 5, 2016.

2011's ‘I’m With You', the bands last album before this, was produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin, along with six other albums over a twenty five year period. ‘The Getaway’, however has been produced by Dangermouse, so there is likely to be a welcome change in the sound of the band, though it is not easy to find judging by their latest single. Another factor contributing to a change in their sound is the fact that they brought in Radiohead’s producer, Nigel Godrich to mix the album.

Any thoughts of a change in their sound are quickly thwarted once the song starts, as it sounds exactly the same way every other Red Hot Chilli Peppers song sounds. It starts with a simple bass line, and slowly builds up with a wide range of instruments playing melodic riffs and rhythms until the drums come in, ultimately leading to a bridge with a bass solo which unsurprisingly resembles the bass solo of Cant Stop from 2002's By The Way. Once the vocals start, listeners are transported to familiar grounds as the half-singing, half-rapping vocal lines of Anthony Kiedis do little to build on the singing style that helped bring the band to the forefront of touring acts during the turn of the 21st century. The song contains string arrangements and piano harmonies to back the vocal lines, giving us the feel of a power ballad. If the song were to leave a mark on the music scene, it would be as just that, nothing more.

One of the things noticeably different about this song is the drum sound: it is completely different to what the drums have sounded like in Red Hot Chilli Peppers albums over the years, possibly due to the production style of Dangermouse. The most memorable part of the song, like most good songs, is the chorus, but there are parts in the song where one cannot help but feel like, at this stage of their careers, they are simply trying too hard. That being said, the legions of fans of the bands are unlikely to be too disappointed, as they will get more of what the band have given them over the years, something they are definitely still not lacking in: funk. 

May 26, 2016
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